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KAQUN Spa in Las Vegas celebrates its 1st anniversary!IMG 20161001 122512 Medium

KAQUN opened its first, American bath in Las Vegas exactly one year ago. The news of the 4-tub bath got through to the doctors and naturopaths, who had already been familiar with the Kaqun technology. Soon there was no room for further bookings in the calendar.

The success came fast, and the board had to decide about the broadening. The planning and the making of bath system powered by KAQUN technology started following they had found the right spot. The aim was to establish a representative center with 16 tubs.

The new 16-tub KAQUN Spa will be opened to the American public on 12 August 2017!

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First Kaqun / ELO bath facility in Singapore

As part of the soft launch program for ELO Drinking Water from 16 – 18 November 2015, Dr Robert Lyons, Dr Sandor Kulin and Prof Dr János Hunyadi travelled to Singapore to deliver a series of seminars to introduce the science behind the wonders and health benefits of ELO Water at the Hyflux Innovation Centre. The presentations were attended by the public and medical professionals such as doctors as well as alternative and complementary healthcare practitioners. A tour of the ELO Bath Trial facility at Hyflux’s headquarter was also conducted and the facility features 8 individual ELO Bath suites.

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