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Welcome to the Unique World of Kaqun Water

Oxygen deficiency is a direct precursor to nearly all illnesses and disease. Without this vital element, human life ends in approximately 6 minutes.
Oxygen is essential to wellness. Human bodies are not getting anywhere near the required levels of oxygen needed for peak health, vitality, immunity and longevity. Until now, the delivery of highly absorbable and usable oxygen has been limited by the exchange of CO2 with Oxygen at the level of the blood, and the degree to which the lungs can accept high concentrations while breathing highly concentrated Oxygen.
Kaqun is different. Kaqun water penetrates the skin directly, permeating the interstitial fluids and connective tissue and thereby delivering higher levels of oxygen than have been possible before.
Most people think of oxygen as a gas, unless it is bound in water.  Kaqun maintains the liquid form of oxygen and concentrates the oxygen into groups called "clusters", possessing a highly charged species of oxygen that has a permeability which exceeds any other method.
People have remarked they can hold their breath longer while doing the Kaqun bath; their immune chemistry and vitality has seen marked improvement.

First Kaqun / ELO bath facility in Singapore

As part of the soft launch program for ELO Drinking Water from 16 – 18 November 2015, Dr Robert Lyons, Dr Sandor Kulin and Prof Dr János Hunyadi travelled to Singapore to deliver a series of seminars to introduce the science behind the wonders and health benefits of ELO Water at the Hyflux Innovation Centre. The presentations were attended by the public and medical professionals such as doctors as well as alternative and complementary healthcare practitioners. A tour of the ELO Bath Trial facility at Hyflux’s headquarter was also conducted and the facility features 8 individual ELO Bath suites.

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